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Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 3.14.16 PMCompatible with Maverick.  Apple Mac TechTool Pro 7 RAM Test Tech Tool Pro v7 and TTP Deluxe trouble-shooting utility has been around longer than Apple has been around, and the Deluxe version still comes packaged (disk) with evey Mac.  Apple has ceased producing Apple proprietary software on disks. (the cost of trucking – "delivering" the disks to the retail locations exceeded all the other actual costs of producing the software).  Tech Tool 7 has been rewritten for the Linux based / MAC 64bit OS, and it claims to have a RAM test that can find problems in RAM that no other utility can find. . And perhaps since RAM has become very inexpensive, is maybe the reason RAM problems (its inexpensiveness) have become more common, manifesting in system crashes, software hiccups and data loss (such as missing files that Spotlight can't even locate). 

Sometimes and othewise, unresolved crashes and frequent "beach-ball" spinnings can be resolved by physically unseating the RAM from their banks, rubbing the pins with a red-rubber pencil eraser,  and then reseating the RAM in the banks.


Techtool Pro 7 is feature-packed with benefits that all Mac users need for comprehensive diagnostics, repair, and maintenance. To ensure your Mac stays optimized and trouble-free, make sure you use Techtool Pro 7 regularly and keep your Mac running at peak performance.

New Memory Test;  Mac Drive Testing and Repair;  Emergency Startup Disk;  Protect Important Data;  Diagnostics and Repair; Volume Rebuild;  eDrive;  Volume Cloning; Volume and File Optimization;  Data Recovery;  Network Monitoring;  Protection Preferences;    

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