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Both Google and Apple want into your living room's big screen TV, and Apple is already there ahead of Google since 2007. With either, you can wifi / stream the audio, video content on your iPhone, iPad, Google- powered smart phone and tablet, to your big screen. In the Chromecast vs Apple TV competition, Apple doesn't support streaming from Google phones and tablets, though Chromecast is compatible with Google OS, Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OSX.  If you're a dedicated MAC user, you don't care but who knows what will happen when Marvericks (yes plural) is released, which was two days ago.  Neither ChromeCast nor Apple TV support the Windows 8 Phone. Who would want a Windows 8 Phone?

CHROME CAST VS APPLE TV: What's the difference?


Chromecast vs Apple TV.

The mobile content that you carry in your pocket or under your arm can finally break free of the thin bezel of your smartphone and tablet, and be shared with the entire family on large TVs and projectors.  In the App's category Apple has more native apps, and Google is still playing catch-up from a long distance, though it supports YouTube, NetFlix's, both of which Google owns.  App developers say the Apps are ready to go, its that Google just won't release them for whatever their strategy is. S o far its only Netflix and Hulu. Google won't say when they will release those developer apps that are just sitting there. It's definelty market strategy. Perhaps black Friday. HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Redbox Instant, Revision3, Vevo, Sling Media and Vimeo have all committed to or expressed a desire for Chromecast compatibility.

With Apps that historically haven't streamed "in-the-background", when you're streaming to the TV with your iPhone, and you tap the Home Button for instance to check your email, those particular Apps streaming-in-progress will be interrupted. Ergh!!

In mid October (we're past mid already) there's suppose to be a new version of AppleTV in addition to a new iPadAir (the iPadAir has been announced on Tuesday the 22 at the Keynote, and the 15 inch MacBookPro has been eliminated and nothing will replace it. The 15 was kind of redundant, being between the 13 and 17. Technology Spectator says that Chromcast in pretty minimalistic, and has no Ethernet port, but who needs Ethernet? And the common Apps, YouTube and NetFlixs are not incorporated into the Chromecast software. And it doesn't have a remote control as the AppleTV has. So if you don't have a computer, or a smart phone or tablet, it's pretty much useless.  

You can mirror Tabs from your notebooks Chrome brower. Just click on the Chromecast icon on the Chrome browser.


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